Anna Blom, kunstenares zeeland. Verkoop van abstracte schilderijen en kunstprojecten. Beeldend kunstenaar voor moderne kunst. Modern schilderij met landenthema.

XL Projects

In search of her roots in South Africa, Anna ended up in Harris Smith, the birthplace of her grandmother.
This journey and the album of her grandmother are the reason and inspiration for the making of the"connection", a series of paintings that have arisen from the search for what binds us togheter.

Dance of Light and Darkness
A temporary wallpainting of 59 feet(18m) by 9,8 feet(3m) that was painted in 5 days and on display for 2 weeks, around the winter of 2008, was displayed in the Stadsgalerij at Breda.

Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui is one of the two tapestries made of a bulkbag which is cut open and then shaped and painted, on Easter Island. 'Rapa Nui' is 7.2 feet(2.20m) x 10 feet(3.10m) and inspired by the island, the residents and their legends. Rapa Nui is the name of the original inhabitants, their island and language.

Broken Wings
Two Greek sails,which were disregarded, are the bearers of "Broken Wings". Inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus, who equiped himself with artificial wings and flew too close to the sun where the wax of his wings melted and plunged into the sea and drowned. The sails, from a catamaran are 8.8 feet(2.65m) x 21.6 feet(6.60m) and a surf sail of 14.6 feet(4.45m) x 7.3 feet(2.25m), are painted in an olive grove in Eftalou on the island of Lesbos.