Anna Blom, kunstenares zeeland. Verkoop van abstracte schilderijen en kunstprojecten. Beeldend kunstenaar voor moderne kunst. Modern schilderij met landenthema.

Travels and projects

The many travels Anna Blom made have proven to be a rich source of inspiration for her work.

She stayed for extended periods of time in several countries to experience and work there. Local surroundings and materials were used for ideas and their realization. A porch in Asia served as a stretcher for her banners. Broken Wings was created in Greece, painted on sails that were stretched between the trees of an olive orchard in the mountains. The searchART series was painted on sea maps that were available on board of the ship on which Anna travelled for a while. Many of her finest works were created in conditions like these.

One of her top pieces may be the monumental Rapa Nui, which was painted on cut-open bulk bags on Easter Island.

Some cities and countries: Greece - Palma de Mallorca - Orava - Poland / Slovakia - Goa - Koh Tao - Malaysia - Sumatra - Easter Island - Chile - Cuba - South Africa - Australia