Anna Blom, kunstenares zeeland. Verkoop van abstracte schilderijen en kunstprojecten. Beeldend kunstenaar voor moderne kunst. Modern schilderij met landenthema.


A study of colour and its workings. The idea was to let eight separate paintings grow from one colour in all its facets. This way, the first seven paintings combined form a rainbow, the eighth one being white, or apotheosis.

Colour is Anna’s muse. For this series Anna has studied all aspects of the colours that determine our lives and our surroundings: from chakra to complexion and from tomato to emotion. Everything we know is related to colour, and for Anna this was the basis to develop this series.

Red was the first colour of the series and not without reason. Red signifies emotion, earth, love, fire and passion.

Red signifies joy of living, but also paying attention and alertness. So many elements are related to colour. In the series all colours find their artistic form through this approach. Each painting is different, but the whole is an unmistakably a rainbow with white as a concluding apotheosis.