Anna Blom, kunstenares zeeland. Verkoop van abstracte schilderijen en kunstprojecten. Beeldend kunstenaar voor moderne kunst. Modern schilderij met landenthema.

Nackt zum Akt

In 1996 Anna Blom, together with the German artist Gudrun Engelken accepted an invitiation from the Frauen Museum in Bonn to create a art project. The project would becalled nackt zum Akt. The starting point is a role where the woman as muse is central. Within the art history its naturally that a male artist has a female model. These two female artists wanted to experiance how it is to be a model posing nude instead of an artist. They painted 10 paintings each. The twenty nudes were hung in the Frauen Museum as support for apotheosis of 'Nackt zum Akt', 'Die begegnung'. An improvised painting of 8.2 feet(2.50m) x 40.7 feet(16.00m) that was painted at that location in the museum and attracting many visitors.