Anna Blom, kunstenares zeeland. Verkoop van abstracte schilderijen en kunstprojecten. Beeldend kunstenaar voor moderne kunst. Modern schilderij met landenthema.


‘Painting is my life, but without living there is nothing to paint’

As a toddler I used to climb upon my parents’ piano. In that position I found myself directly opposite the reproduction of ‘The Circus Family’ by Picasso. Already from my cradle I had become fascinated by this picture and now, coming closer, I identified myself with the child in the picture. But that was not all. The picture inspired me. This world, in which I saw myself, was a world I was capable of creating myself.

One of my first creations was ‘The Sun’, created by mixing instant pudding with eggs on the dark carpet of the living room. Many experiments followed and creating my own world visually became a vital necessity.

I followed theater design at the academy. The two-dimensional plane was too limited. From this study I got my love for spatial work and short-term art projects. It also gave my paintings a mythical character and the stratisfication of the paintings.

My work is my reality. Mythical enchanting colorful paintings and monumental work, interspersed with symbolism. But also raw, emotional expressionist work, intense and vulnerable.

They belong to my body of work.

Anna Blom, 2007